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Dec 6, 2018 You can also find me on: Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/thijs Discord: https://discord.gg/mFfNJQ5 Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/G2Thijs【Get Price】

Meddling Lock - Deck Creation (Modern) - Modern - The Game - MTG

I had this deck idea and im trying to see if it is possible to make it near competitive. The deck has two plans: PLAN A: cast discard spells on turn【Get Price】

Does Quest Discard Lock Finally Work!? Rastakhan's Rumble

Dec 7, 2018 We had some really good games with Discard Warlock! The deck has needed cards that you wanted to discard since the quest was originally【Get Price】

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Find stats and different Discard Warlock decklists. Most popular deck. Please check back later. Best performing deck. Please check back later. Overview【Get Price】

Trump's Hearthstone Decks – Trump Fans

Added on June 3, 2019. A zoo Priest decklist. Added on May 29, 2019. A tempo Rogue decklist. Copy deckcode to clipboard. Tempo Burgle rogue Decklist【Get Price】

Rastakhan's Rumble elbow-drops into Hearthstone, bringing some

Dec 4, 2018 But I'm very excited to try out three deck archetypes that have been revitalized by Rastakhan's Rumble cards: Heal Paladin, Discard Warlock,【Get Price】

Understanding Hearthstone deck archetypes part II – A glossary of

Mar 22, 2018 Discolock is another way of saying Discard Warlock, a deck uses many high value Warlock cards that cause you to discard cards from your【Get Price】

Rank 5 to legend in one day with Discardlock : wildhearthstone

Before Rastakhan, Tiny Knight of Evil, with some help from its discard friends, pretty much carried the deck, but now it doesn't have to do that【Get Price】

Discard Quest Warlock Deck List Guide - Rastakhan's Rumble

Feb 7, 2019 This guide contains detailed strategy, mulligan, and deck-building information to help you improve your Discard Quest Warlock play for the【Get Price】

Rastakhan's Rumble: New Archetype Analysis BlizzPro's Hearthstone

Nov 25, 2018 Wardruid Loti could be included in a variety of decks though due to its high versatility. . Discard Warlock is clearly the main focus of the set.【Get Price】

Selective Discard, Tiny Knight of Evil and the Quest to revitalize

Dec 18, 2018 After I got into the deck, it didn't take much time for me to find out a few things that kept Discard Warlock from breaking out of 'meme' tier.【Get Price】

Top Hearthstone Rastakhan Warlock Decks - December 2018

Dec 12, 2018 Those two archetypes are still holding steady for the class, outperforming decks like Discardlock, despite Blizzard pushing it so hard with the【Get Price】

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Dec 30, 2018 With the new addition of the high power discard cards from Rastakhans Rumble, discard warlock is performing well compared to its earlier【Get Price】

An early look at Discardlock in Journey to Un'Goro Old Guardian's

Mar 20, 2017 If Deathwing was run in a discard Warlock deck though, it works with both Malchezaar's Imp (Imp draws you cards before it is destroyed) and【Get Price】

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Sjow Rank 1 Legend Discard Warlock Deck List This is the decklist Sjow played to rank 1 legend on the NA server this week. It's a slightly different discardlock to【Get Price】

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Blizzard has been attempting to get Discard Warlock off the ground for what feels like forever. To be fair, there was a Zoo version that had quite a few discard【Get Price】

Dealing with the Discard Pile in Canasta - dummies

Discarding is a critical part of how you play Canasta; if the discard pile grows large, one false discard can be Unfreezing the deck with the initial meld.【Get Price】

Discard Warlock deck list guide - Rastakhan - Hearthstone

Dec 4, 2018 Our Discard Warlock deck list guide features the best Rastakhan deck list for Season 57 of Hearthstone (December 2018). Our Discard Warlock【Get Price】

Sixteen exciting decks to try in Hearthstone's Rastakhan's Rumble

Dec 5, 2018 Even and Zoo should still be solid decks in Rumble. Discard Lock. I originally called this Discord Lock. You see where my brain has been today【Get Price】

Rastakhan's Rumble Discard Warlock - Hearthstone Top Decks

Historically, the Discard mechanic was by no means seen as a viable software for Warlock (except the Karazhan aggro-discard deck). The mechanic's draw back【Get Price】

Rumble Discard Warlock Disguised Toast

Dec 4, 2018 Discover the top Hearthstone meta decks, legend decklists, crafting guide and learn about Amazon Coins to help you save up to 45% off your【Get Price】

Control deck - Wikipedia

A Magic: The Gathering control deck is a type of deck or archetype that focuses on dominating Discard decks aim to control the game through the fact that an opponent cannot play Permission cards such as Counterspell are used to prevent the opponent from casti【Get Price】